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Machine Learning

Let me help you valorize your data, by tailoring my advanced machine learning capabilities to your business-needs.
I deliver artificial intelligence solutions and faciliate the live deployment, on premises or in the cloud. These solutions allow to:

  • Obtain actionable insights in your business processes
  • Predict what will happen and facilitate smart (autonomous) decision - making

As a machine learning engineer, I am committed to ensure Fairness in AI, and have a soft spot for gpu-accelerated data-science.

Mathematical and numerical modelling

I help clients setting up mathematical problem formulations of processes and conditions controlling their business. Once established, solutions are provided either by direct simulation or by applying mathematical approximations to allow semi-analytical solutions. This enables clients to

  • Understand the most important parameters of their problem
  • Improve decision making by foretelling the future

Coastal Engineering

Building value (with nature) in the coastal zone is a great challenge. My experience allows to provide expertise on:
  • Beach erosion
  • Morphodynamics of coastal bedforms (sand waves, sand banks, tidal deltas, salt marshes, ..)
  • Tidal propagation in estuaries
  • Met/ocean data analysis


Researcher by heart, engineer in practice. As an experienced data scientist and research engineer, I help companies and institutes create value.


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